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Beat the Winter Blues

Beat the Winter Blues

  • Patricia Buxton
  • Feb, 10 , 23

Experiencing seasonal depression? Feeling the winter blues? Feeling down during these cold winter months? 

It's very common! A lot of people experience this. 

Here are some tips to beat this gloomy feeling: 

    1. Get outside; no matter how cold it is, it's important to go outside and get some fresh air even if it's for a few minutes. Remember to bundle up! 
    2. Exercise! Exercise creates endorphins which make us happy!
    3. Get some vitamins, especially vitamin D. 
    4. Refresh your space through scents! Certain scents have been scientifically proven to uplift and improve mood almost instantly. Citrus scents in particular are known for boosting and uplifting energy levels. Lavender scents are known for their calming affects and peppermint is known to be revitalizing.  

Need some recommendations? 

For our citrus scents, we recommend: New Beginnings; Alexa, clean the house; and Jurassic Orange 

For our lavender scents, we commend: Breakfast in Paris; Sage the Day 

For our peppermint scents, we recommend: Refresh + Renew 

What else do you do to beat the winter blues? We'd love to hear from you! 



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