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To access the best candle experience, it's significant to maintain your candle. The first burn is very important. It sets the tone for how the candle will continue to burn throughout its lifespan. Your wick will burn best when it's trimmed to 1/4 inch BEFORE EACH USE. Allow your candle to burn evenly, away from cooling and heating systems. Drafts may cause your candle to burn unevenly, which produces memory rings, that typically last the life of the candle.

Your candle should be burned within eyesight, and away from children and animals. Your candle has the ability to burn up to 4 hours, before requiring time to cool. The wax and fragrances we use are malleable and will shift properties when exposed to intense light and temperature. Storing your candles in areas that are dimly lit and dry will support the maintenance of your candle. Refrain from leaving your candles in your car. Extreme temperatures will negatively impact your candles.

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