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Goosebumps on your skin, whimsical fog in the air, strange shadows in the corner, howling wind. Light this candle and bring the spirit of Halloween into your space! You might just hear the evil witch cackling in the background too! 

Profile Notes:

Top: Green leaves, pear 

Middle: Apple

Base: Vanilla, bourbon 

Please note that only the 9 oz. glass candle is stained in red. Our 4 oz. travel tins and 2 oz. samples are white in color.

When choosing your candle size, please consider the room that you will be burning your candle in. Our 2 oz sample sizes are just that; they are meant to give you a sample of the scent and will not fill an entire room. Our 4 oz candle is meant for small spaces such as a bathroom or small den/work room. Our 9 oz glass jars are meant for medium spaces. 

When you buy this candle, you help support our mission of giving back to our community by donating a portion of our monthly profits.

***Please note that due to industry-wide shortages, the lid may be a different color (silver, black or bronze). ***


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