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In a world that often seems divided, we understand the power of coming together for a common cause. We believe that by working collectively, we can create meaningful change and contribute to a brighter future for all. That's why, alongside our commitment to crafting high-quality candles, we are proud to be actively involved in supporting select organizations that are making a difference in areas that matter most to us.

Our candles are more than just products; they are a symbol of our commitment to unity and our belief in the strength that comes from standing together. Join us on this journey as we illuminate not only your space but also the lives of those in need through our dedicated efforts to support organizations that align with our values. Together, we can make a real and lasting impact, one candle at a time.

Explore our candles, learn more about the organizations we support, and join us in our mission to spread light and positivity in the world. Together, we are stronger, and together, we can make a difference.


Our very own COO was a special education teacher for 9 years so teachers are very dear to our hearts. Teachers across the country work so hard and tirelessly to give students the very best every single day, yet, they always have to dip into their pockets to get the supplies that they need. We are on a mission to fulfill as many teacher wishlists can we can. 

Want to help? Donate to our GoFund

Want to nominate a teacher? Submit a teacher's wishlist here


Aaliyah in Action

Aaliyah in Action provides women, birthing people and families comfort as they take steps toward healing after the loss of their baby. Walking out of the hospital, empty handed, a shell of your former self, can be debilitating. Aaliyah in Action seeks to provide one of the first steps in the healing process after perinatal loss, neonatal loss or infant death. One of the hardest, yet most important, elements to beginning this healing process is self-care. 

Their Aaliyah in Action packages are meant to provide small ways to care for oneself while navigating this new life and grief journey. Waking up each day, facing this new reality, is not easy. They hope that providing these healing products and ideas can help in even the smallest way to make the day just a little bit easier to get through - we like to call it a "gentle hug" from someone who knows the pain.

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Me & You

Me & You is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, advocating for students from underprivileged communities,  and those without a home. They partner with schools in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia to provide students with the necessary items and services for a well-rounded life. They work with teachers and administrative staff at the schools to determine needs and fundraise to fulfill them. 

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