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Traveling with Candles

Traveling with Candles

  • Patricia Buxton
  • Jan, 18 , 23

We often get asked if you can travel with candles, and the answer is, YES!

Here are a few tips to make it easy to get through airport security: 

1) If possible, carry on your candles vs. checking them in. Handlers can be rough and there is no guarantee your candles will arrive in one piece if checked in.

2) Always add at least 15 minutes to your airport journey with candles in your carry-on.

3) Be prepared to have TSA stop your bag to have its candle contents inspected.

4) Gift wrap your candles at your destination, TSA will open any pretty packaging.

5) If you have space, pack them inside a box or wrap them in socks or beanies to protect them.

6) Enjoy being the best smelling passenger on the plane! 


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