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Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!

  • Patricia Buxton
  • May, 12 , 24

Dear candle family,

Today, we find ourselves reflecting on the profound significance of the maternal bond. Just as a candle emits warmth and light, mothers illuminate our lives with their unwavering love, guidance, and support.

On this special day, we extend our heartfelt wishes to all the mothers among our valued customers. May your day be filled with the sweet fragrance of love, the gentle glow of appreciation, and the comforting embrace of family.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your Mother's Day celebrations. May our candles continue to light up your homes with joy and create cherished memories with your loved ones.

Wishing you a Mother's Day filled with love, laughter, and moments that sparkle like the flame of a candle.

Thank you for being here, 

The Smell of Love Candles Team 


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