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It's sweater weather! Because what's better than throwing on a chunky sweater and wiggling your toes in cozy socks as you feel the crisp fall air?

This candle is a unique blend created by our team. Light this candle and it will immediately take you to a fireplace where you will be relaxed while roasting marshmallows. 

Note profiles:

Top: Saffron, caramelized sugar 

Middle: Clove, incense, sandalwood, custard, rum 

Base: Amber, Smoke, vanilla, maple 

When choosing your candle size, please consider the room that you will be burning your candle in. Our 2 oz sample sizes are just that; they are meant to give you a sample of the scent and will not fill an entire room. Our 4 oz candle is meant for small spaces such as a bathroom or small den/work room. Our 9 oz glass jars are meant for medium spaces. 

When you buy this candle, you help support our mission of giving back to our community by donating a portion of our monthly profits.

***Please note that due to industry-wide shortages, the lid may be a different color (silver, black or bronze). ***

Dessert Candle Collection

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